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Electronic Surveillance Spy Circuits, Schematics and Diagrams
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John S. Wilson, Electronics Engineer - Surveillance Circuits and Diagrams
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electronic spy circuits and diagrams
1/2 Watt  FM Transmitter - Xtal Body Wire - BBG Wall, Door, Window Audio Listening Circuit - A15 FM Transmitter Circuit - Xtal Locked - XMT Infrared Receiver Circuit - IR12 Telephone Bug  Listening Circuit - TE23 Tracking Transmitter Circuit - Xtral Locked - TT5 "Silent Carrier" To "Beep" Converter - DDC Concealed Briefcase Interface Circuit - RTR Hi-Gain Speaker Listening Amplifier Circuit - AA5 "Distance" Audio Amplifier Listening  Circuit - DAA Repeater / Recorder Circuit - VOX3 Pen FM Transmitter - Xtal Locked Links

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The Electronic Surveillance Circuits you will find on this site are unique and can not be found anywhere
else on the net. The enclosed electronic circuits, are but a handfull - out of thousands, that have been designed,
engineered and - for years, manufactured by John S. Wilson Jr, who has a proven track record with over 50 years in the
Design, Engineering, and implementation of Electronic Surveillance Circuits, both in the lab and the field level. All are Free.
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electronic circuits and diagrams - electronic spy circuits
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