FM VHF Transmitter Circuit

FM VHF Transmitter Circuit - A6 Adapter

Acoustical Resonator, Hi Gain Amplifier Circuit
fm transmitter coil calculator
L1 and C1 can be configured to transmit in both the FM and VHF band. If you go to my Coil Calculator on my main menu page, you will find it in the 2nd column over and in the 12th block/link below in that column - or Just Click into the link at the bottom of this page and it will take you directly to the calculator. You can caculate whatever frequency you want this transmitter to operate at by inputting your frequency desired and then use the inductance and capacitance values.

My reference to #532 removed on the schematic in the troubleshooting chart was to disconnect the electret element, which was the original name for the atomic microphone.
You will find it in my Main Menu under the link: Atomic Microphone or just click into the link below.

This is an adjustable VFO wideband transmitter so depending on if you set it into the FM band 88/108 MHz or the VHF band 144/174 MHz, you will need a tunable receiver to monitor it, not a scanner which is a narrowband receiver.
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FM VHF Transmitter Circuit - A6 Adapter
Years ago I developed a circuit called the "Atomic Microphone." it was a non-electronic audio amplifing device that operated on the principle of resonance. The Atomic Microphone circuit is listed in my main menu of circuits. Or you can click into the link at the bottom of this page to go directly to that circuit.

To make a long story short I was contacted by a national magazine to construct and present a highly sophisticated device at their convention. I took the Atomic Microphone circuit, engineered and fed it into this transmitter and then mounted the focal point of the Atomic Mic. in the center of a 12 foot in diameter satellite dish. Combined the dish picked up the sounds of an automobile over 5 miles away. A wisper from a mile away on my receiver.

The unit never made it to the convention for reasons I won't disclose here. The original scanned copy of the A6 Adapter from my archives is presented below.

You don't need a 12 foot satellite dish, nor even the atomic mic. circuit to see the power of this transmitter. Just connect an electret mic. element on its front end and you have one powerful and sensitive transmitter. Enjoy, John.