AB1 - Crystal Controlled FM Transmitter Circuit - Circuit Board

AB1 Xtal Locked FM Transmitter - Circuit Board

AB1 - Crystal Controlled FM Transmitter Circuit - Circuit Board

A lot of folks seem to be having problems putting this Crystal Controlled FM Transmitter Circuit together. From what I can see in the photos that they email to me the major problems that I see is they are using a flux base solder and their boards are loaded with "Solder Bridges" and leftover resin which is a receipt for disaster. Always use a water base solder and after you finish, use a toothbrush and scrub your board in warm water. Rinse and let your board air dry. That may shock you, but all electronic components are waterproof and your boards come out super clean. Back when I ran Infax Corporation we placed all of our large boards that came off of the production line in a regular dishwasher and cleaned them with cascade - Remember, a water base solder.

The next is in the layouts. I can solve this for you. In the next few pages I am releasing my original SMD Board Layout Production chart, My Production Assembly Chart, Enclosure templates and various photos that were use when I commericially sold this product in the hundreds, if not a few thousand.

Enjoy, and I hope this Info solves your problem with the AB1 Transmitter. John

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Crystal Controlled Transmitter Circuit Board Layout

                   AB1 SMD Production Board Layout - Scale 1:1

     Just Right Click on the Image and save it on your computer somewhere to print it out
                              I always built 9 at a time and this is my master template.
                    This is a reverse Image that I used with the Press and Peel Method

Crystal Controlled FM Transmitter Circuit Assembly Chart