AB1 - Crystal Controlled FM Transmitter Circuit - Assembly Chart

AB1 Xtal Locked FM Transmitter - Assembly Chart

AB1 - Crystal Controlled FM Transmitter Circuit - ProductionChart

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This is a scanned copy of the original AB1 Crystal Controlled FM Transmitter Circuit Production, Assembly Chart. Although the original was 11x16, I split it in half, scanned each half and then reassembled the chart in Microsoft Paint. After you print it out, take it to Office Depot or some print shop and have them blow it up for you. Hundreds, if not a few thousand AB1s were commercially built for Law Enforcement using this very chart.

The circuit boards were produced 9 at a time from the Master Board Template shown on the last page, were placed in a vise and then the components were soldered based on the placement shown on this chart. Few if any ever failed to operate on final Assembly.

There is a single flaw in this Assembly Chart. If you will look at the large circle at the center of the board and to the right, you will notice a 4.7K resistor and the L4 Coil. This is a flaw in my scanning in putting both halfs together for a complete chart. I have added an Inset Image to show this area as it should appear below the master chart.

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AB1 Crystal Controlled Transmitter Assembly Chart
AB1 FM Transmitter Circuit Assembly

                   AB1 Master Production / Assembly Chart

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