FM Transmitter Circuit - BBG Master Assembly Chart

FM Transmitter Circuit Master Assembly Chart - BBG

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Crystal Controlled 1/2 WattTransmitter Circuit - Master Assembly Chart
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If You Have Ever Purchased An Electronic Kit, you will recall the instructions that came with it's assembly. It was a drawing showing where to place and solder in the components that came with the kit.

For Every Product I Have Produced Over The Past 50 Years, once a circuit was mastered and went to board, I have made up an Master Assembly Chart. That allows me to assemble the product over and over again so that the design is always manufactured the same.

Here Is How I Make My Master Assembly Chart For Each Product. First, I take a printout of the original and single circuit board, and take it a copy store such as Staples or Kinkos. I blow the single circuit board up to an 11X17 copy. From there, I draw in the components that will show where everything is placed, including any special notes.

Below, Is A Photo Of My Actual BBG Master Assembly Chart  that I have used for years to assemble this product. ( 11x17 Actual Size ). The image shown below is a reduced image to fit on this page.This Assembly Chart Will Allow You To Build The FM Transmitter Circuit - BBG 1/2 Watt VHF unit.

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Master Assembly Chart For The BBG FM Transmitter Circuit
At The Very Bottom Of This Chart You Will See ( Special Note 1 ) With An Arrow Pointing To The PN2222 Transistor. Also To The Right Lower Side You Will See ( Special Note 2 ) And An Arrow Pointing To The 2N3866.  This clues me to the fact, that in my file, I have created some special notes regarding important information when inserting these two components on the board. Below is a copy ( Image ) of the special notes, 1 and 2.
Special Notes For The BBG FM Transmitter Circuit