FM VHF Transmitter Circuit - Photos - BBG 1/2 Watt

FM VHF Transmitter Circuit - Photos - BBG 1/2 Watt

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FM Transmitter Circuit

FM VHF Transmitter Circuit, Crystal Controlled - Photos

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Crystal Controlled FM VHF Transmitter Circuit - Assembled BBG
The BBG Was Originally called the BB2. The BB2 fm transmitter Circuit was the same as the later BBG, however had an additional pulse circuit added to the board ( As You Can See Below Left ). The BB2 fm transmitter circuit was a dual-purpose device in that the microphone could be removed, the pulse circuit added and then the device was used as a tracking device. Later on I deleted the pulse circuit and turned it into the BBG. As you can see below, little was changed regarding the board design other than re-designing the board with the Protel Software.

The Original software used to design the BB2 FM Transmitter Circuit board was a small drawing (DOS) program called Edraw that you will see in the "Circuit Board Software" Link below.

The modified BB2 Board to the new name "BBG" was identical other than removing the pulse circuit and leaving only the transmitter circuitry. The Software used to design the modified BBG Board was a DOS program called PROTEL EASYTRAX - which is freeware now - and again, described in the "Circuit Board Software" Link Below.
Original BBG Crystal Controlled FM Transmitter Circuit