FM Transmitter Circuit VHF - Crystal Controlled. Specifications

FM Transmitter Xtal Locked Circuit 1/2 Watt VHF
BBG - Full Manufacturing Specifications

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Complete Manufacturing Specifications For The BBG FM (NBFM )

Crystal Controlled 1/2 Watt Transmitter

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Xtal Locked FM Transmitter Circuit
It is a rare occasion when a circuit of this type and nature is released to the general public, especially over the worldwide Internet. Why rare? Transmitter Circuits like the BBG transmitter circuit above are restricted in sales to Governmental Agencies, thus not available legally to the public in a functional state.

This transmitter circuit actually costs me around $25 or $30.00 to Produce. In it's heyday I sold them from around $350.00 to $950.00 per unit, depending on what the market would bear - cheaper to small and low-budget departments, and higher to those larger agencies who had money to burn.

You cannot access the confidential catalogs of million dollar companies ( A Handful ) that cater this type of equipment to governmental agencies - unless you are in Law Enforcement, or Top Level Government - and if you could, you would find that body wires, nbfm crystal controlled "Voice" transmitters, and units such as the BBG above sell in a price range from around $1500.00 to over $2500.00 each.

One of the questions that I often received thru email is that "This transmitter circuit operates in the VHF band from 150 to 174 MHz, and anyone can pick it up on a regular scanner?" I hate to bust your bubble but all of these body wires, bugs, and Law Enforcement transmitters operate in that range. That is why they are low in power, restricted to a block or two and the chances of interception are a million to 1.

Why Can't You Find These Types Of Circuits On The Internet? Simple, as stated above - They are restricted and they are money circuits. Why am I releasing my full production charts, layouts etc.? I am 74 years old now, no longer able to sit at my workbench and build them, nor get out and drive around the country and sell them. What you do with this circuit, and the knowledge in the links below is your own business. When the device leaves the confines of your basement workbench in a fully assembled state, it becomes an illegal device. I presume you are building and selling it to those authorized to purchase it, under the current state and federal laws, or for your own experimentation into gaining knowledge of how a NBFM ( Narrow Band Frequency Modulation - Crystal Controlled ) voice transmitter works - Nuff said!

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