FM Transmitter Circuit Board Layout- BBG 1/2 Watt VHF

FM Transmitter Circuit Board Layout- BBG 1/2 Watt

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Crystal Controlled 1/2 WattTransmitter Circuit - Circuit Board
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Free Circuit Board Software For The FM Transmitter Circuit - BBG
Assembled FM Transmitter Circuit Board - BBG
FM Transmitter Circuit - BBG Circuit Board
Scale 1:1
BBG Circuit Board
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The Circuit Board For The BBG Transmitter Circuit is shown below. An assembled version is shown below the circuit board. The Software used to design this board was the original Protel Easytrax shown below, now freeware over the Internet - A DOS program that will function on all systems upto and including Windows XP. Please see the link below ( Circuit Board Software ) for details.
Enlarged View - Assembled
For Details On This Software, now freeware, please click on the link ( Circuit Board Software )  Below.