FM Transmitter Circuit, Modified For A Small Size - Crystal Controlled Spy Circuit

FM Transmitter Circuit BBG - Different Configurations

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BBG FM (NBFM ) VHF Transmitter - Crystal Controlled
Different Configurations For The BBG
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One Of The Greatest Things About Building And Selling Restricted Equipment Similar To The BBG Transmitter Circuit, is that when you sit in front of someone displaying your samples, is that each and everyone you meet requires something different - out of the box and catered to their very own needs. You can throw a fully functional BBG on their desk ( Or Any Other Product Sample ), turn on the receiver and demo how it works and right away - I Like it, but can you supply it to me in this configuration or in another style or in a smaller size or on this frequency and on and on. On the average, the BBG in it's current configuration as a body wire ( As You See In It's Photos ) were only 30% of it's sales. The rest of the time the board was modified, and re-packaged to meet the customers needs.

I Always Got The Sale. Why? Based On Years Of Experience,Of What These Agencies Actually Wanted Rather Than What Was Out There In The Form Of A Stock Product, I Did Not Have To Compete With Any Other Company, And Always Defeated The "BID" System Since The Product Was Sole Source. I Modified The BBG and It's Original Board Over 31 Times. The Circuit Never Changed, And Only The Circuit Board And What It Was Mounted In.
Here Is A Good definitition Of Sole Source.
A Sole Source is a method of acquisition and it is not to be used to avoid competition. Insofar as practicable, all purchases shall be based on competitive bids; however, competitive bidding is not necessary for:
(A)  Purchases which are clearly and legitimately limited to a single (sole) source of supply; and,
(B)  Purchases involving special services, or market conditions, in which instances the purchase price may be best established by direct negotiation.

For Example, One agency in the Midwest wanted the BBG, but they wanted it concealed in a hotel room and since in all probability the room would be physically searched, less any debugging gear, they requested I come up with a concealed design that no one could recognize, much less find during a physical search. I Took the contract, and with a free airline ticket in hand, visited the hotel room. 4 days later I delivered the BBG, only in a new configuration. The hotel room had a coat hanger rack in it's main room, and from years of experience of dipping objects with a grid dip meter, I knew that a coat hanger dipped in the VHF range - would make the perfect radiator ( Antenna ) - resonant in the VHF frequencies. What made it great was that these coat hangers had a cardboard tube on the bottom - See Photo Below.
To Make A Long Story Short, the BBG design was not changed, and only the circuit board changed. The BBG was assembled in the cardboard tube with it's surface mounted components standing on edge like razor blades, rather than flat - which allowed me a very small board, and it's power source was kept at 9 volts X 2 rows connected in parallel ( Series - But Connected In Parallel ) with hearing aid batteries, and copper roofers flashing for the custom designed battery holder. It's antenna was the coat hanger itself which was a perfect VHF match. I collected  for this special design. It cost me 11 hours of my time to re-design the board, $18.00 in component cost and 4 hours to build it - and 5 minutes to install it. The payoff was 16 times more than the original cost of the BBG in it's it standard body wire configuration. Not bad.
FM Transmitter Circuit - Spy Circuit
This Is Only One Example Of How Any Circuit Can Be, with a little creativity, modified to a new configuration. It dosen't take a rocket scientist, an engineer, or anyone with an education in electronic engineering. All it takes is someone with a creative desire, good soldering and assembly skills, but most important - a good circuit board layout program, and a desire to modify any board to another configuration. I can saw the BBG board in half, fold it over and cut it's size in half. I Can saw it vertically, fold it or I can redesign it's board to fit into anything anyone can dream up. Find A good board program, and there are many - a lot of them free. Learn how to do your own boards, and you are home free. Hope the info helps. John