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Electronic Surveillance Spy Circuits, Schematics and Diagrams
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electronic circuits and diagrams
electronic circuits and diagrams - electronic spy circuits
Disclaimer: The circuits displayed in bugplan.com are for experimental purposes only. They are not intended for illegal use.  Please check the Local, State and Federal laws including the FCC rules and regulations to determine what you can and cannot do with these circuits.

Component Tolerance: Keep the resistors and capacitors to 5%. 1% are expensive and 10/20% components are useless. 5% will keep the circuits and each part within its working range. Any size components can be used - just bend the leads to fit the holes. When selecting your capacitors, keep their voltage values at, or near the circuit voltage, i.e., - don't use a 100V capacitor in a 9 volt circuit. Keep it around 16 v etc.

Use the Transistors specified in all circuits. If you experiment with other transistors other than what the circuit calls for, you are reinventing the wheel - It may, or it may not work!

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Disclaimer On Electronic Circuits and Schematics