Infrared Detector Circuit Photos by Pete Zenner

Infrared Circuit Tester Photos By Pete Zenner

IR-12 Infrared Circuits Tester  - Assembly Photos 
Built By Pete Zenner, Sioux Falls, SD.
Shown are photos of the final result of my assembling the IR-12 Infrared Circuit Test Unit. I potted everything into a small tin box and it fits pretty well. The panel meter is a 50uA from BGMicro (Part# MET1017). The remainder of the parts are pretty standard fair. The diode receiver is called an "Infrared Phototransistor" by Radio Shack. I stuffed it into a Radio Shack LED Holder (#276-080) to shield it from ambient light.

I was looking for a more professional looking enclosure and think that this one from (Marlin P. Jones) will fit the bill: 15518 BX Marlin P. Jones also has a 100uA panel meter which should work, in case people want to buy all their supplies from one place: They used to stock a 50uA panel meter, but I don't see it anymore.
infrared test circuit down view
assembled infrared test circuit
infrared circuit, top of enclosure
infrared circuit, speaker end
Infrared circuit end view of IR diode
Thanks Pete for sharing your Expertise, Information, Board Layouts and Assembly Photos on the IR-12 Unit
Enclosure - Top View
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Enclosure - End View Showing IR Diode
Infrared Circuit, circuit board layouts
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Down View Into Enclosure
Fully Assembled IR-12 Infrared Circuit Photos By Pete Zenner Showing Circuit Board, Speaker and Meter
Enclosure - End View Showing Speaker