bug detector circuit by pete zenner

RF Bug Detector - By Pete Zenner

Chip for Bug Detector Circuit Replacement
Bug Detector Circuit Screen View
bug detector circuit artwork enlarged view
bug detector circuit artwork
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Artwork 1:1
Artwork - Enlarged View
Screen - Enlarged View
My Thanks to Peter Zenner - AARL Call Sign KE0BRS for bringing this circuit into its modern day version
His hard work
And all of the layouts he has provided. Thanks Pete, John
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H.Adams Original Bug Detector
Pete Zenners RF Bug Detector Circuit
John, I made a quick layout for the original Adams bug detector, bringing it up to date with a TL072 IC Chip. It works really well. Because the MC34002 is now superseded It works very well as shown here using the replacement TL072. Similarly, almost any germanium or shottky diode will work. The one in this circuit is a BAT-41. The circuit was tested using 146MHz and 444MHz transmitters from across a room, and a Wi-Fi signal at 3 feet. Nice circuit. Pete Zenner, KE0BRS