The A-15 "Spy Circuit" By John S. Wilson Jr.

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Proclaimed as the "Hottest And Most Powerful " Audio Amplifier Spy Circuit in the world today. This circuit has seen over 60,000 hits alone on a YouTube video by one website called electronicsNmore shown in this text. You can view this video at this link: electronicsNmore - A-15 Amplifier Circuit. Once you view it, hit your back button to come back to this page.

I  manufactured and sold this unit to thousands of Law Enforcement agencies over the years at a price tag of $250.00 Per Unit. If I were manufacturing it today, I would charge around $2600 per unit. I am asking a very, very, cheap price for a complete set of engineering layouts that cost thousands of dollars in original research - when I should be charging hundreds of dollars for this "Complete Package." It can be built for under $20.00.

I have reworked the original circuit with Modern Day Layouts, new circuit board layouts and new board component layouts. In addition, I have detailed the history of this unit and how it came about for a South Florida Drug Task force. I have gone another step. I have included a troubleshooting chart with a DC pinout of the circuit, should it not work when you build it so you can instantly find the problem. But wait - I have also included an AC Analysis of the circuit that gives you an idea of how very, very powerful it is.

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listen through concrete walls and floors - locate leaks circuit
Audio amplifier listening circuit