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Tracking Transmitter Circuit - Crystal Controlled - TT5

Resistors: 1/4 Watt
R1 = 470K
R2 = 47K
R3 = 470 Ohm
R4 = 22K
R5 = 10 Ohm
R6 = 4.7K
R7 = 10K
Capacitors: - Disc Or Electrolytic ( Electrolytic
Shown with +/- )  All Low Voltage
C1 = 4.7 MFD
C2 = .01
C3 = 22 pf
C4 =  2 to 20 Pf Trimmer ( Adjustable ) Small Surface Mount Type
C5 = 10 pf
C6 = .001
C7 = 33 pf
C8 = .01
C9 = 22 pf
C10 = 2 to 20 Pf Trimmer ( Adjustable ) Small Surface Mount Type
C11 = 8 to 50 Pf Trimmer ( Adjustable ) Small Surface Mount Type
C12 = 8 to 50 Pf Trimmer ( Adjustable ) Small Surface Mount Type
C13 = .01
C14 = 8 to 50 Pf Trimmer ( Adjustable ) Small Surface Mount Type
C15 = 8 to 50 Pf Trimmer ( Adjustable ) Small Surface Mount Type
Transistors: Digi-Key Electronics
Q1 = 2N3906 
Q2 = MPSH10
Q3, Q4 = 2N3866
XTAL: Digi-Key Electronics
50 Mhz. Digi-Key Electronics Type CA-301,  Part Number: SE3455
ON/OFF Switch:
Any, On / Off Switch Will Do - connecting two batteries in series as shown in
the schematic, with B1 connecting into the collector of Q1
Two 9 Volt Batteries in series
A Standard NE555 Timer Chip. Place Jumper Wires between pins 4 and 8, and
pins 2 and 6
L1, L2, L3 and L4: See Wound Samples On The
Right Hand Side Of This Page - for winding all
coils in this circuit.
30 Turns of # 30 Magnet Wire Wound tight on a Digi-Key Electronics  3368k-ND
Fiber Washer
10 Turns of # 26 Magnet Wire Wound tight on a Digi-Key Electronics  3368k-ND
Fiber Washer.
18 inches long. Use stiff magnet wire of around 16 to 18 gage
The original RFC1 was 7 turns of # 30 Magnet Wire wound thru a Mouser
Electronics # 542-FB43-110 Ferrite Bead. You can calculate a similar
Stock Choke by using the formula - 1000 divided by the freq. Or For Example
F = 150 MHz. 1000 Divided By 150 = 6.6 uH. Anything close or lower
should work fine. Keep it to within 10 to 20% on the lower end.

All Electronic Components - Digi-Key Electronics
The TT5 Tracking Transmitter Circuit Below is highly unique. I have used a 555 timer circuit to generate a 1 second on and .2 second off pulse. From there that pulse is fed to a single transistor  inverter circuit ( Q1 ) and the pulse is reversed ( Turned Upside Down ) to feed the main + buss of the circuit with a .2 second on voltage and a 1 second off voltage. In other words it's the same as switching the circuit on and off with a manual switch only at a precise interval, electronically at a frequency of 150.0 MHz. The frequency is 100% stable using a crystal as its oscillator.

The circuit emits a 1 Watt ( RMS ) carrier wave that is barely - if not impossible to hear over a NBFM VHF receiver such as an ordinary scanner. That means that anyone who is scanning the frequency over 150 MHz which the unit is set  will not intercept it. Its signal is basically a "Stealth One."

Here is where the trick comes in and how it is applied as a stealth tracking transmitter. Electronic Circuit # DDC "Silent Carrier" to "Beep" Converter that I have  included in the circuit files  ( See Thumbnail elsewhere on this page ) was my answer to turn a super fast switching stealth carrier wave into an audible signal with a series of "Beep-Beep-Beep" tones.

It is interesting that over the years some of the agencies that I supplied this unit to, along with its schematic - have reported to me that they have applied not only the pulse inverter circuit, but also the beep converter into a variety of other applications.

Below:  Thumbnail of the DDC "Silent Carrier" to beep
converter that coverts the TT5 Tracking Transmitter Circuit
into an audible tone. This circuit can be found in the list
of circuits above.
 tracking transmitter circuit
audio tone modulator circuit
Digi-Key Electronics 3368k-nd
tracking transmitter circuit coils
The Images shown above are actually much larger than the actual forms.
Actual Inside Dia: 0.120" (3.05mm)
Actual Outside Dia: 0.250" (6.35mm) 1/4"
Actual Thickness: 0.062" (1.57mm)
Digi-Key Electronics 3368k-ND Coil Form Samples Shown Below