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Video Transmitter Circuit - Simple To Build, 495 MHz

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Video Transmitter Circuit for Channel 18, simple to build
video transmitter circuit - VID6
There Are Two (2) Schematics shown below. Let Me Explain! I was going through my archives and found the original schematic for my VID6 Channel 18 Video Transmitter. The 1st is the original. The dark spots over the component values are actually where I had marked over them with a yellow underliner, so when I scanned it they show up as dark spots.

That indicated to me that I had redrawn the circuit since as I redraw the values, I always mark the old component with a yellow underliner before drawing the next component. I knew that somewhere in my files I had a redrawn schematic for this transmitter. Through luck I found it and it is shown below the original.

The only difference between the original and the redrawn is the 15 pF capacitor beneath the crystal. I replaced it with an adjustable (C4) for better tweaking of the crystal to the channel 18 frequency. Adjust C1 and C2 in the new schematic in combination with C3 for a clean output on your TV receiver. The best TV monitor to use this transmitter on in the field is one of the old and small battery operated tunable ones you find in flea markets, thrift shops and on eBay.