DIY RF Transmitter Circuit, crystal controlled

FM Transmitter Circuit Using A Chip - By Pete Zenner

Modified XMT - By Pete Zenner - FM Transmitter Circuit, Xtal Locked
FM transmitter circuit built using a chip by Pete Zenner
FM transmitter circuit enclosure by Pete Zenner
Pete Zenner has taken my original XMT FM Transmitter Circuit design to a new level.   He has used a lot of creativity, eliminating four of the transistors out of the original circuit, and subsequently re-working the original circuit design with a chip to compact the board.

It truly is a rare occasion indeed, and I have not seen this very often through the years, when someone will take the time and effort to produce a new design based on an old idea or an existing circuit. You genuinely need to dig into your mind to achieve this and completely re-invent the wheel. It took a great deal of work from what I see among the finished photos. Work which will truly be rewarded someday in the near future.
Great Job Pete.
FM transmitter circuit, crystal controlled - xmt
Pete eliminated 4 of the transistors out of the original circuit ( Above Right ) and then re-engineered those portions selecting a CA3046 Integrated Circuit chip shown on the left. This in my own opinion, would solve a lot of production problems, as well as provide a faster way to repair this unit. Based upon past experience the components that usually fail tend to be the active ones, the transistors. Using this design one would only have to swap out the chip, which would take less than a minute rather than returning it to the source for repair, and could be conducted in the field by anyone.
FM Transmitter Circuit
Original XMT Circuit
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